What is the Driveway Groomer™?

The Original Driveway Groomer™ Driveway Groomer Jr - Large Goomer and Groomer Jr Parts
Original Groomer

Our quality standard Riser Plate version with Abrasion Resistant Black Hardened blades…
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Groomer Junior

Our quality Jr. Riser Plate version with Abrasion Resistant Black Hardened blades…
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Groomer Parts

Replacement parts to keep your groomer in tip-top shape!
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What is the Driveway Groomer™?

For over 10 years the driveway groomer has been used by thousands of people to save money on costly repairs and maintenance of their gravel driveways and parking lots. One customer’s testimonial even touted a $1,000 savings in just the first year alone!

The Driveway Groomer boasts hardened steel abrasion resistant blades that Last up to 4X longer than regular steel blades, a heavy duty powder coated computer designed frame for durability, yet it is light weight, and fully adjustable for building and maintaining crowns in driveways and small roads. It comes with optional riser plates that fill in holes and level ruts to give you a pristine surface (see our video). In addition, unlike the competition our patent proven no wheel design creates a smoother finished result in less time and for significantly less money.

The driveway groomer is easy to use and can be used by various vehicles with a receiving hitch like cars, trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and even your Sub-Compact tractor and it is the only driveway groomer effective both in forward motion and reverse!

You can find many more uses for the Driveway Groomer that just your driveway. You can use it to maintain riding rings, sand beaches, dirt road and campsites, rocky parking lots, RV landing areas, etc… You will find many uses for the Driveway Groomer.