Groomer Jr. with Riser Plate and Black Hardened Blades

Sale Price: $559.00

Our quality Jr. Riser Plate version with Abrasion Resistance Black Hardened blades. Last up to 4 X longer than the original Groomer Jr. We use the same steel used on loaders and cement trucks so you know it is durable and will stand heavy use over and over again, year after year!

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Groomer Jr. with hardened black plates and Riser Plate. Works best with a garden tractor with at least a 48″ cut, an ATV, or a Golf Cart. Our riser plate addition is great if you need to fill some deep ruts or potholes. As durable as the Original but lighter and great for smaller projects!

For smaller tractors you may need to use without the provided riser plates, since the riser plates create more resistance on the vehicle.
Not recommended for passenger vehicles because the groomer junior does not work in reverse.

Additional information

Weight 58 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 11 × 5 in