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Goomer Jr behind an ATVDriveway Groomer Results You take pride in your home or business. You like to take care of your landscaping work on your own but what about the gravel driveway, parking areas, campground roads and lots, RV landings, sand beaches, riding rings, etc.?Maybe you thought you needed expensive, hard to use equipment to maintain it. Maybe you spend hundreds every year to have it done professionally?

With Our Patented and Proven products you can maintain your own surfaces when you want and with little to no extra materials while using just your passenger vehicle with a receiver hitch, or an ATV, garden tractor, utility tractor or Golf Cart etc. In fact, the Driveway Groomer™ is the only product that can be safely used with a passenger vehicle with a hitch.

With the Driveway Groomer you can save Thousands of Dollars in costly Driveway Repairs year after year!

The expensive wheeled and heavy wheeled units on the market today can only be used in one direction, and rely on lots of overpriced gimmicks to get your attention.

Moving dirt is not rocket science and over 4000 customers can attest to its success. Our products simply do the job best.

Our Patented Proven Product for over 14 years is Backed by a 60 Day no Risk Guarantee.

Our Products!

The first of their kind, commercial grade, affordable graders. Rugged enough for years of use but still light weight and easy to use!

The Original Driveway Groomer™ Driveway Groomer Jr Goomer and Groomer Jr Parts
Original Groomer Groomer Jr. Parts

Customer Reviews

Last fall I was looking at fixing my 160’ long driveway before winter and went out to several professionals to get quotes on getting the job done. After receiving 4 quotes back all in the $1600.00 range and all had said that they would have to bring in 2-3 dump trucks full of material to do the job I decided that I needed to do something different. […] This groomer worked AWESOME! In Less than an hours’ time my driveway was back to brand new condition…
– Jeff, VT
“I was ‘just that close’ to buying a DR grader ($1400) to work on my 1300 foot gravel road, when I stumbled upon your website. After much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, I decided to order your Junior model to pull behind my ATV. Having used it only twice, I can only say – works better than advertised! Simple, effective, ruts are gone, potholes are fading fast. I couldn’t be more pleased. […] Awesome product!
-Tim, WA