Full Size Groomer with Riser Plate and Black Hardened Blades

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Our quality Driveway Groomer comes standard with a Riser Plate with Abrasion Resistant Black Hardened Blades. The same type of steel used on loaders and cement trucks that lasts up to 4X longer than standard laser plate blades. If you plan on using it a lot on hard material over 400 feet long, share it with neighbors, commercial use, or just believe in buying the highest quality, this option is for you.


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Our toughest Groomer yet! Great for use with passenger vehicles, SUVs, trucks, and large tractors. Can be used in both forward and reverse for optimal and quick results. The provided riser plates make quick work of large ruts, deep crevices, and pot holes. Its size, weight and Abrasion Resistant Black Hardened Blades make it ideal for tougher and harder surfaces.

Even as the blades wear down, year after year you can expect the same great results!

Good for large or small jobs can even be used for commercial use. 

Driveway Groomer in action (forward and backward motion)

Driveway Groomer pulled by an ATV

Additional information

Weight 103 lbs
Dimensions 76 × 11 × 5 in