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Product: Driveway Groomer Junior

Couldn’t be happier, this product is awesome. Great quality…

-Bruce  July 2016

Testimonial - Before
Testimonial - After

Product: Driveway Groomer

Last fall I was looking at fixing my 160’ long driveway before winter and went out to several professionals to get quotes on getting the job done. After receiving 4 quotes back all in the $1600.00 range and all had said that they would have to bring in 2-3 dump trucks full of material to do the job I decided that I needed to do something different.

Without much looking on the internet I came across the Driveway Groomer and looked it over and thought this very well could do the job? I ordered the unit and it shipped right out the next day. A couple days later it arrived and I put it together to give it a try.

This groomer worked AWESOME!  In Less than an hours’ time my driveway was back to brand new condition and I had ZERO loads of material delivered. The Original Driveway Groomer did all the work. The Riser plate worked excellent on moving the loosened material and leveling it out in the low spots and potholes and the best part is it cost less than 1/3 the cost of a professional and I can use it year after year to keep my driveway looking new!

-JK in Vermont  Oct 2014

Product: Driveway Groomer

I bought my groomer a few years back and love it.
In fact, in May of 2014 I finally took it over to my business and made a video. Enjoy!


Product: Driveway Groomer Junior

A few words and pictures about your product. I did LOTS of research and almost spent $1400 on the DR product and then looked at Lil’ Spike and The Gravel Rascal also which are much more. They look like fine products, but for a guy who needs 700 feet of gravel driveway scraped 8 or 10 times a year I thought I would take a chance on The Driveway Groomer Jr. I could NOT be happier that I did.

The Groomer Jr. arrived today here in TN! That was quick and the timing was perfect. We had 1.2 inches of rain yesterday and 1.1 during the night, so my driveway was a mess. It already was bad from last week’s rains. It took me an hour to put it together and it went together perfectly. Just enough parts. I had a little trouble with the hitch and modded it with larger washers.

My little 14 HP 23 year old John Deere 240 didn’t have enough in it to pull it with 2 blocks, but did quite well with one block.

In one hour or so, I had all the bad spots fixed, took the block off and went up and down a couple of times with nothing on it just to smooth it over. I also was able to pull a good bit of gravel that had collected over the last 10 years back on to my driveway by angling it a bit. At $350 a load, you could say this little guy paid for itself today alone. (add the $50 I pay the farmer with his box scraper and we are at $400 for the day). I am looking forward to getting a larger John Deere with 25 HP or so. I am sure it will be even quicker with 2 or 3 blocks on and the ability to use the Riser Plate. (which I didn’t even attempt with that little motor).

In today’s day of everything being made cheaper and not doing what you hoped it would, The Driveway Groomer Jr. is a blessing indeed! Thank you for your wonderful, economical product. Feel free to share this with others. I will be telling ALL my friends and neighbors:-).

Thank you!

– Jeff in Watertown, TN    June 2015

Driveway Groomer Jr - Before
Groomer Jr at work (pulled by Tractor)
Assembled Driveway Groomer Jr.
Driveway Groomer Jr pulled by Tractor

Product: Driveway Groomer

Hey Ya’ll –

My husband and I bought your Driveway Groomer a few weeks back.  After getting quotes of $1000 to fix our severely worn gravel drive we thought we’d give it a try.  Honestly, we were doubtful that this was gonna be worth the money.

We were impressed with how fast it got here.  My husband spent a couple of hours putting it together, and right away we could tell that a lot of time and engineering went in to designing this thing.  And the parts!  Very impressed with how sturdy and durable each piece is!

When he had it all together we hooked it to our truck and made the first pass up our 1/10mile driveway.  You could tell right away that it was making a difference!  Two hours later nearly all the ruts and rough spots are gone and we can get our cars out the driveway without feeling as though we are in a Baja off-road event!  SOOOO impressed!

Just wanted you to know you have another pair of satisfied customers!  We are telling everyone we know about how great your product is and hope to send some business your way!

Thanks for everything!

– The Manleys, MS

Product: Driveway Groomer Junior

I was ‘just that close’ to buying a DR grader ($1400) to work on my 1300 foot gravel road, when I stumbled upon your website.  After much gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair, I decided to order your Junior model to pull behind my ATV.

Having used it only twice, I can only say – works better than advertised!  Simple, effective, ruts are gone, potholes are fading fast.  I couldn’t be more pleased.

My wife asked, “why are all those big rocks sitting in the potholes?”.  Simple.  The grader Jr. dropped them there, and as I work the road more, finer material will fill in the gaps.
I was also quite surprised at how much gravel was laying in the weeds on either side of the road, and have probably saved the cost of 50 yards of gravel.  It also does a fine job of scraping the weeds off the sides and the crown.  Looks like a new road!
You have a superior product, and a very satisfied customer.  I couldn’t be more pleased!

Advice to new users:  Go slow at first, lots of weight.  I found 1 mph in 4WD on my ATV to be the most effective.  Today, I upped the speed a bit, but keep it slow at first.  This road last saw gravel 10 years ago, and little or no maintenance since.  The 5/8 minus had all but dissappeared, but I’m pulling it off the shoulders, and don’t need to re-gravel.  Saved the cost of materials, and once the road is back where it should be, I think a couple of passes once a month should keep it looking new.

Feel free to publish this, others may benefit.  Awesome product!

– Tim, 

Product: Driveway Groomer

I purchased my groomer in June. I have a 900 ft. drive, mostly pit run gravel. I used to hire a power grader twice an year to get the pot holes fixed. I have used your groomer about five times and have reestablished a crown and now the drive is the best it ever has been. Product is as advertised and I am pleased.


– Kent

Product: Driveway Groomer

I ordered the driveway groomer a few weeks ago. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I followed the directions and just experimented with patience. I am very impressed at the results. I ended up trying it out on a stretch of driveway that my neighbors and I were sure that we were going to have to add a considerable amount of gravel. It just looked like hard packed dirt with potholes. After a good rain, I spent a couple of hours on it. Now it looks as if we had it graveled and professionally repaired. We were all pleasantly pleased! Thank you very much. This groomer is exactly what I was looking for.

– Terri

Product: Driveway Groomer Junior

Kudos for an extremely well built item (Groomer Junior)! I cannot recall a more pleasant assembly experience or a better final product.


– Tony, Oregon

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