History of the Driveway Groomer™

Bob and FamilyDriveway Groomer™ started out with one man and one idea; to cost effectively maintain his driveway; keep it neat and pothole free. He wanted to do it himself, like so many; he took pride in taking care of his property and still does today. That simple idea blossomed into the Driveway Groomer™. The first of its kind, a commercial grade, yet still affordable piece of equipment that you can use your very own car with a receiver hitch, an ATV, even your garden tractor! Bob enjoyed the pride he took in seeing his property so well kept, a job he was able to do himself and knew their were many more people like him who would want to do the same.

Over the decade the Driveway Groomer™ has flourished. It is now available in multiple sizes to fit every job. It’s not just for your driveway but parking lots, campsites, riding rings, camp roads, or sand beaches. If you have gravel, dirt or sand, the Driveway Groomer™ can grade it and help you keep it looking like new!

The Original Driveway Groomer is protected under U.S. Patent #7,096,971