How Far We Have Come!
Now Partnered With Carts Vermont

We are very proud of our alliance with Carts Vermont, which commenced in 2014. In addition they have been manufacturing the Original Vermont Garden Cart for over 30 years and are known for superior products and service.

Our Driveway Groomer™ graders have provided cost effective solutions to landscaping problems to many thousands of customers since 2004. We consider ourselves a family business and consider Carts Vermont part of that family. In fact they have been our metal fabricator since our inception!

We try to ensure that all our customers are 100% satisfied with not only the quality of the products offered, but also with the customer service and attention to detail we pride ourselves on. You can be assured of our continued excellence in quality and service.

If you are ever dissatisfied we implore you to contact us so that we can make it right! You can trust to be treated with the same honesty and integrity that has been our hallmark throughout the years at Driveway Groomer and Carts Vermont. Plus, we guarantee our products with a no hassle, 60 day, no questions asked money back guarantee, contact us for details.